The pillars of Authenticity, Respect, and Trust.

We need greater authenticity, respect, and trust to build bridges and building bridges is necessary for greater productivity in our body politic. This behavioral change is required amongst leadership and the general body.

I vow to bring a ground level approach that represent City residents to the fullest fueled by this behavioral change.

Systems Change:

1) Creating greater Community Engagement (I’m a proponent of an Office of Community Engagement) that will allow for greater connectivity between City Administration and residents. Residents are our customer! A greater manifestation of good Community-Police/Fire relations will be cornerstone to ensuring that our streets are safe and clean. This office working with the Office of Performance Measurement and each department will ensure that resident led priorities are what inform legislative intent and administrative processes.

2) Closing the Wealth Gap by ensuring City investments lead to jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities, and philanthropy in those places where investments are being made and ensuring investments in our transportation infrastructure that lead to greater connectivity to jobs. Resident business ownership is the cornerstone of my advocacy.

3) We must ensure our neighborhood’s are seeing greater priority in City business development investments. Greater realization of green energy opportunities in regards to business development are crucial as well.

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