This is what we need from you! We need your Money, your Power, and your Vote. #MPV

It’s best that we get all three, but 2 of 3 is absolutely critical if we are going to spread our message.


Be a contributor TODAY! It doesn’t matter whether large or small, let’s build this war chest together. $1100 is the individual max and we have a mechanism for recurring donations. (Link to contributions page)


EVERY person you tell about our campaign, our relationships, what you know about Ozie Davis, EVERY phone call you make, EVERY door you knock on, EVERY time you wear our gear, squeeze that stress ball, pass out literature is POWER!!! EVERY endorsement, EVERY introduction, EVERY voter you register, is POWER!!! Every Sign you place or sticker you wear is power, AND WE NEED YOUR POWER!!! Sign up here (link to volunteer page) today, then tell 10 more people and ask each of those 10 to tell 10. #thepowerof10

Come by our Campaign office @2612 Short Vine between 10a-10p and join the Cheerleaders 4 Ozie Davis team!!!


While money and power are significant, the ONLY thing that gets counted is the VOTE! We need to register new voters and engage every past voter to energize the electorate. We are making a special call to each person voting for the first time in 2017, that we want to be their first vote! Please encourage all graduating seniors and others voting for the first time to Vote 4 Ozie Davis for Cincinnati City Council. (Link to About Ozie page)

If you’re already a CHEERLEADER, show your support by wearing your Vote4Ozie T-shirt at all community events.  Remember to share your selfie on social media repping the campaign by using #vote4ozie #bridgebuilder #useyourpower #MPV



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